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Microblading, Semi-Permanent and Permanent Makeup Solutions
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Brows/Hairline Microblading, Scalp Micropigmentation, Lip Blush

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Faux Freckles

I had her tattoo (microblade) freckles around my nose and cheeks, and they came out great!! They look so natural! They did not come out green or black.  Different size freckles, and they haven't faded out.  It's been nearly 3 months.  I'm really happy with the results!  I plan to go back to add more and perhaps have her do my eyebrows (microblading).  I know I can trust her to do a great job on my brows.  I seen a lot of her work, and did a lot of research on her work. I think she does the best job in Sacramento and pricing seems a lot more fair compared to other artists that I have researched.

Once I get my brows and more freckles done, I will post a image.

⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  LUCERO R. - Nov 17, 2018

Initial Microblading & One Touch-Up

I highly recommend Maya Microblading.  Maya is very knowledgable and skillful about microblading.  She works with me to fix the spots that I showed her. I love my brows! She did a fantastic job. She is a true professional.

⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  TIFFANY2 C.. -  Nov 9, 2018

Microblading & Two Touch-Ups, Shading Added at 1st Touch-Up

I love, love, love my new eyebrows.  I recommend Maya Microblading to all my friends. The whole experience was relaxing and enjoyable. For the first time in my life I wake up with eyebrows. My husband and kids like them as well. So natural looking and the same every day.

Very happy with every step; from talking about what to expect, to the details and professionalism to the comfort during the procedure, even the healing process awareness. I could not be any happier with Maya. Thank you!

⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  SARAH L. - Oct 26, 2018

Microblading & Shading (Initial Procedure)

Highly recommend Maya Microblading. Maya is very talented and pays close attention to detail, she will patiently walk you through the process and carefully help you choose the shape that is right for your face.  She takes her time and ensures you have the best experience and the results you want.  5 stars and beyond!

⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  NINA D. - Oct 18, 2018

Consultation, Microblading Session, One Touch-Up

Maya is very patient, precise and diligent! She made sure I was comfortable, she explained everything that was she was doing and my brows turned out really great!!!  I highly recommend her if you're looking for eyebrow microblading!!

 ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️ GEORGETTE S. - AUG 28, 2018

Microblading & Shading, Two Touch-Ups

I found Maya to be very kind and professional.  I am very sensitive to pain and she ensured that the area was numb and comfortable prior to beginning her work. She also takes  your needs into consideration and you never feel rushed!  I highly recommend her for microblading.  Love my results:-)

 ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  SASSY L. - Jun 25, 2018

Terms & Conditions

Please carefully read the Terms & Conditions prior to booking.


  • A non-refundable booking fee of $100 is required to schedule and secure your appointment. This will be used towards the service booked.
  • Your booking fee will be forfeited if you fail to show up to your appointment.
  • Cancellations or changes need to be made 3 days (72 hours) prior to your appointment.
  • If you need to reschedule your appointment, there is a maximum of 30 day window from the original appointment date to reschedule, otherwise the booking fee will be forfeited.
  • We do not offer refund on services rendered.
  • We have the right to reschedule your appointment or refuse treatment, if the technician sees fit.
  • Please understand that we value your time, and expect that you value ours, as your appointment is a 2-3 hour procedure, and due to a busy schedule at the clinic, please arrive on time as even a 10-15 minute late arrival can result in cancellation of appointment and you will need to pay for a new booking fee.
  • Please review “Contraindications/FAQ” thoroughly.

Consent Documents

We ask clients to complete some forms such as Confidential Medical Profile, Consent to Application of Permanent Makeup Procedure, and Informed Consent.  These forms are downloadable for you to review, sign and return to the clinic on your first appointment.  You will need to sign the Formula and Touch Up Record at the clinic. You can also download the Pre & Post Procedure Care sheet online. 

Please  text our clinic to be granted access. 

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Fuller eyebrows transformation

Microblading and manual shading procedure for eyebrows to improve patchy eyebrows.

Hairline Microblading

Initial procedure for hairline microblading.  Hairstrokes will be extended at next touch-up session.

Thin eyebrows transformation with microblading

Microblading & Light manual Shading

Microblading & light manual shading for a natural looking eyebrows.

First Reveal Stage

A thorough brows measurement and alignment done to achieve a symmetrical brows followed by microblading & shading procedure.

Payment Options

Common Payment

Pay $100 non-refundable booking fee to secure your service.  At the end of the initial procedure, pay the balance (cash/credit card/PayPal).  Click BOOK APPOINTMENT.  

6-Month Interest Free with PayPal CREDIT

Click here to apply PayPal Credit.

Once approved, pay $100 deposit to secure your service, pay the balance at the studio using PayPal Credit.

2-Installment Payment Plan

Pay 50% of the total service upfront (by credit card/PayPal).  The balance must be paid (by cash/credit card/PayPal) at touch up session (4 weeks post initial procedure for microblading session, 2 weeks post initial procedure for scalp micropigmentation procedure). 

Please call the clinic on (916) 272-6338 to set up this payment method.


No discount available/can be applied for 2-installment payment method.

The 2-installment payment plan is only applicable for microblading services.

Our 2-Installment payment option will be replaced by CareCredit - Cosmetic & Beauty Financing.

Cash Discount Available.

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