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Scalp Micropigmentation


Micropigmentation is simply the placement of pigment (not ink) into the second dermal layer of an individual's skin. The microfine needle points, that must be seen under a microscope to fully appreciate, allow experienced technicians to produce microscopic details when performing this semi-permanent procedure. 

At Maya Microblading, we take the fine attention to detail that comes with the art of 3D scalp micropigmentation and combine that with our own technique for microscopic hair follicle color matching and follicle replication to create a realistic hairline and/or hair density.

This procedure is meant for anyone who is dealing with some level of balding. Whether you're completely bald, have a scar on your scalp, or you just have thinning hair and you would like to make your scalp less visible, our 3D scalp micropigmentation is the best and easiest solution for you.


Each pigment is a unique blend.  It's a combination of a fibrous structural protein called Keratin and specific organic pigments to give the natural look of actual hair stubble from distance as well as up-close. The pigment is preferred by most transplant doctors that also perform scalp micropigmentation (SMP) for their clients. It is guaranteed to not blur, migrate, or change color.


How many sessions do I need and what to expect?

Two to three sessions are required for scalp micropigmentation due to variations in the skin.  The second session is to fill in areas that are completely gone and to fill in areas that are just a little lighter, but still visible.  The third session (if required) is a minimal work to see which areas need any touching up.

Step-by-Step Procedures for Scalp Micropigmentation


We go through a thorough consultation before starting the micropigmentation procedure. We ask clients to complete some forms such as Informed Consent form, Consent to Application of Permanent Makeup/Micropigmentation Procedure, and Confidential Medical Profile.

During the consultation, if applicable we ask clients to show us any photos they like, don’t like and/or how they normally take care/camouflage their scalp to get an idea of the client’s unique style.

Please send close-up photos of your affected scalp areas to info@mayamicroblading.com or SMS (916) 272-6338.


We want to ensure your utmost comfort so we apply a topical numbing cream for 30-45 minutes before your procedure. We place it on the treatment area and cover it with saran wrap to seal in the numbing as much as possible. 

Micropigmentation Procedure

Once the numbing process is comcpleted, then we proceed with the micropigmentation procedure. Our technician will open a sterile needle cartridge in front of the client and start the procedure. 

Post-Procedure Care

Day 1 - 4

  • Avoid touching, showering, or shaving the treated area
  • Avoid carrying out any activities that may cause excessive sweating
  • Avoid using moisturizer or shampoo
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Avoid swimming, sauna, or the steam room
  • Avoid razor shaving for at least 10 days

Day 5

  • You should wash your head gently with cold water and gentle soap
  • You should apply moisturizer three times daily to prevent dryness and flaky skin. We recommend using a non-perfumed moisturizer such as Aveeno body moisturizer.
  • Avoid growing hair too long. If you do need to shave your head, we advise using an electric shaver only. We recommend a Remington R5 or similar shaver. No wet shaving (razor blade) for 10 days post procedure.

Signs and Symptoms of Infection

  • SWELLING: A slight amount of swelling is typical for a fresh tattoo. If swelling becomes excessive, uncomfortable and you feel the pain radiating beyond the site of the tattoo, then this is a sign of infection.
  • FEVER: Fever is a symptom of an underlying condition, which is most often an infection. Please contact your medical provider if you think you may have a possible infection.

Scalp Micropigmentation

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